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Tax Preparation Fort Collins

Eliminate tax-time stress and find peace of mind with Key2 Accounting’s team of proactive advisors and a personalized approach to business tax preparation.

Tax time can be stressful. Rules and regulations change. Deadlines loom. With everything else you have to do, business tax preparation can seem like an insurmountable task. The seasoned professionals at Key2 Accounting understand your concerns.

Fort Collins Tax Preparation Experts

Tax Preparation You Can Trust

We alleviate stress and anxiety by providing timely and accurate income tax preparation at a reasonable cost. Our approach is two-fold. That is, we look at your current situation and find the best options for lowering your current tax bill and avoiding anything that might put you at risk of an audit. And we also look to the future: How can we help you lower your tax liability next year and the year after by making a few well-informed changes now?

Tax Preparation by the Numbers

Our business tax preparation process is one that we’ve refined over the years and fine-tuned to provide you with the best options all with the least amount of stress and hassle. First, we review your documentation, ask the right questions and secure any missing information. Then we prepare your return, making sure we identify all options for lowering your tax bill or increasing the amount of your refund. We file your return electronically, provide complete copies for your records, and manage all communication related to your return.

Secure Business Tax Preparation

Of course trust and security are paramount. You need to be confident that your tax accountant has your best interests in mind and can protect your information. Each of our clients has access to a personal electronic portal, through which he or she can easily and securely upload and download files. We also have systems for handling paper files securely and processes and technology that ensure your privacy and protect you and your information from theft and fraud.

Audit Representation That Works

No one wants an audit. Our goal is always to provide sound advice on opportunities and threats related to your individual tax situation—working with you to identify any red flags. In the event of an IRS audit, we will be there to help resolve any issues. Our comprehensive audit-protection plan is available for a small fee and guarantees that you’ll have our full support throughout the process.